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Concrete boom truck's hydraulic features
Published time:[2015/5/30 18:29:44]   Vistor:[1248]

Hydraulic system features: 
Shandong Hongda Concrete pump truck free flowing closed hydraulic driving system formed by double pump confluency has such advantages as large output power with small wearing, and smooth reversal with no impact.
Intelligent control system makes driving oil flow incessantly and directly enter driving oil cylinder without any loss.
No fussy middle reversal control valve piece lessens reversal impact, avoids too high oil temperature and simultaneously facilitates servicing.
Compared with large-oil-tank open system, closed system needs a smaller tank and the tank oil liquid flows gently with no easy emulsifying;
Unique buffer technology can lower the system’s high-pressure peak value. In spite of high-output-flow situation, the aggregate carrying pipe vibrates little with the tail pipe steady. Electric proportional variable adjustment makes concrete output flow pour according to actual needs.

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