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HONGDA’s multi-function mini-type excavator starts batch production!
Published time:[2015/5/18 18:01:59]   Vistor:[1454]

SHANDONG HONGDA GROUP newly developed HDE45 mini-type excavator which is made of classic well-chosen materials and parts in 2005. The group adopts international buying and deployment for world top brand diesel engine and hydraulic parts to ensure its overall property outstanding and with higher reliability.The machine can also select and assemble CHINA’s home-made choice quality engine and hydraulic parts so as to have a higher property/cost ratio.
Power property:
HCE45 hydraulic excavator’s power system is tailor-made
engineering diesel with stable property and large power storage.
Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump,main valve,walking motor,and slewing motor all adopt world top products with excellent quality and stable operation.Three-pump full power control variation system ensures full consumption of engine power.The system has such functions as driving in a straight line,action arm with priority,confluency,auxiliary loop confluency,etc.,and can scientifically distribute and harness flow capacity,which improves the whole machine’s property.Well-chosen careful-matched control parts can ensure its overall good controllability and reliability.
The cabin design conforms with man-machine engineering and affords an open,bright and pleasing view,which give control personnel a comfortable and safe feeling.The front window which can be opened improves visual and air conditions and the adjustable chair meets all kinds of needs.It is inside equipped with air-conditioner,which affords comforts in both hot summer and cold winter and greatly improves working conditions.
HONGDA’s homemade parts: the group has advanced system and reliable methods of quality guarantee to make structural parts of such engineering machinery as construction machinery and lift machinery.HONGDA can make all such parts as flatroof,underpan,action arm,bucket pole,bucket,and push-type shovel,etc.by itself.

The machine carries a light weight and can change places conveniently with a small size.It can select and assemble deflecting devices,which is helpful to working in narrow places.It can choose multiple auxiliary devices,which meet the needs of so many working methods as digging,smashing,cleaning,grabbing,and bulldozing.The product is totally up to requirement after being tested.In 2006,HONGDA GROUP also decided to put series of HDE15,30,45,60 multi-function mini-type excavator into mass production.

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