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Wire Rope and Its Maintenance of tower crane
Published time:[2015/4/30 15:33:21]   Vistor:[1343]

Tower crane wire rope and its maintenance
1. Regarding wire rope, during use, should prevent the rope hit the ring, kink, bend or glue debris, prevent friction with mechanical or other debris.
2. tower crane installed (before use), to deal with the wire rope lubrication, coated with graphite grease for the first time, after that lubrication of wire rope crane as lubrication chart.Tower crane overall design does not allow the wire rope has an indefinite life time, and one of the following conditions should be scrapped:(a) Wire rope 6 × 19-d (drope diameter) number of broken wires in 6d length of more than five, the number of broken wires in the 30d length over 10.(b) Wire rope 6 x 37-d (drope diameter) number of broken wires in 6d length over 10, more than 19 the number of broken wires in the 30d length.(c) Wire rope close together, the number of broken wires 6d length not more than five, also should be scrapped.(d) Although there is no broken wire rope, wire rope wear reaches 40% of its diameter, or rope to the nominal reduced diameter of 7% or more, or rope apparent bending.(e) Wire rope lose its normal shape, resulting in deformities, such as waves, cage-like distortion strand extrusion, wire extrusion the rope diameter local larger, kink, rope diameter local smaller, partially flattened, bending.(f) Wire rope diameter by special thermal effects, external occur identifiable color.
Note: When lifting the molten hot metal, acid solution, explosives, flammable materials, Wire Ropes scrap quantity halved. It should be specified herein to perform according to the provisions ofGB5972.

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