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China Tower Crane Instruction
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   A tower crane is a piece of equipment used to move or transport oversized objects. It is a stationary device, which means the base of the crane does move. A large, fixed tower supports a horizontal beam, or jib, which sits atop the tower to form an uneven letter “T.” A tower crane is often used in the construction industry to set steel beams and other large building components. It may also be used in the shipping or transportation industry to load and unload large freighters.

The base of the tower crane sits atop a concrete pad, which can vary in thickness based on the height and weight of the crane. Large anchor bolts are used to fasten the base of the tower to the concrete, and may also extend several feet into the ground. This keeps the tower safely supported to help reduce the risk of collapse.

The vertical tower extends dozens of feet into the air, and the jib rests on top. The longer section of the jib has cables attached to move or position objects below, while the shorter section of the jib extends away from these cables to act as a counterweight. Additional counterweights made from concrete or steel may be hung from the shorter section of the jib to adjust the balance of the crane.

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