Hoisting Machinery
      - Tower crane
      - Construction elevator
   Concrete machinery
      - Truck-mounted concrete pump
      - Truck-mounted Concrete Stationary Pump
      - Truck-mounted concrete mixer
      - Trailer Concrete Pump
      - Concrete Mixing Plant
      - Batcher and mixer
   Road construction machinery
      - Asphalt mixing plant
   Excavating machinery
      - Small-Scale excavator
   Pile driving machinery
      - Rotary Drilling Rig

Shandong Hongda Heavy Industry Mechanism Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the subordinate industry of Shandong Hongda Construction Group. It is located in east Qilidi village of east suburb of LaiYang, which is planned to invest RMB 1 billion, with the area of 412 acre and two years construction period. The planned construction area is 500,000 square meters, in which it has 8 rows great span processing workshop, 4 commercial buildings and 1 office building. The main products are as following: various tower crane, construction elevator, concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing equipment, Trailer Concrete Pump, soil-cement central plant mixing equipment, road roller, Rotary Drilling Rig, Small-Scale excavator and so on. Some special trucks, just like truck-mounted concrete pump and concrete mixing truck, which are authorized by National Development and Planning Commission, will be manufactured soon.
The project began in May, 2005, with 3.2 billion finished investment at present. The main road of the factory has hardened, and the fence, water and electricity facility have completed completely. Two main workshops with 60,000 square meters have been in use now. Commercial building with 20,000 square meters and office building with 14 floors are being constructed. In 2007, the planned finishing investment is RMB 6.5 billion and the buildings will be finished and put into use at that time.

With the fast development of national economy, country infrastructure, new village construction and important engineering project construction market is becoming bigger and bigger. “Certain opinions of State Council about speeding up equipment manufacturing industry”, issued by State Council, states that we should investment equipment manufacturing industry vigorously. It also says equipment manufacturing industry is the foundational industry supporting technology equipment for national economy development and national defence construction.

At the same time, with the higher requirement of construction environmental protection, especially with the issue of related policy of prohibited mixing concrete on work site scene, all these bring good commercial chances to construction mechanism. We can forecast that construction mechanism will grow with great speed in near five years.

With the effort of more than 20 years, the main corporation established science and technology development center in 2002, which now becomes the first construction mechanism engineering development center of the same profession in Shandong Province. It has straddledfrom construction mechanism to engineering mechanism and from introduced technology to self-development. Various construction engineering mechanism has reached leading level of the same profession in the nation, in which tower crane, concrete mixing plant series products are evaluated national key new products and Shandong province famous brand products. 48-meter truck-mounted pump attains national torch plan project certification. It also builds after-sale service mesh point all over the country. Each mesh point is matched professional service people and spare parts, setting up the first-class service image in the nation. In the same profession of the nation, it has strong competition between products quality and after-sale service.

According to profession association statistics, the sales volume of tower crane produced by main corporation occupies the first two level in the same profession of the nation, with concrete mixing mechanism occupying first five level. Mr. Yu Guihe, the business entitle of Shandong Hongda Heavy Industry Mechanism Manufacturing Co., Ltd., receives the honor successively of national outstanding entrepreneur, national “ 1st May labor”, Shandong Province model labor, Shandong Province outstanding party member, Yantai science and technology talented person, the ninth and tenth sessions of Deputies to the National People’s Congress of Shandong Province. At present, he is Shandong Province industry and commerce member, vice president of Yantai industry and commerce association, president of LaiYang industry and commerce association, vice secretary of city office party working committee, office assistant director, chairman of Shandong Hongda Group and general manager of Shandong Hongda Heavy Industry Mechanism Co., Ltd. Relying on strong science and technology development capability of the main corporation, great customer market and rare development opportunity at home and abroad, the year sales volume is estimated to RMB 1.2 billion if the project is put into use. The profits and taxes will be more than RMB 100 million. It will make new contribution for the development of LaiYang economy.
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