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A brief introduction of concrete mixing plant
HZS/HLS series of concrete mixing plant/towers are HONGDAs newly developed products on its many years experience of producing concrete mixing equipments combined with international top technology and advantages and techniques of advanced machine types both in CHINA and abroad in recent years. The series of product passed the test of NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION AND CITY BUILDING MACHINERY QUALITY SUPERVISION AND TEST CENTER and are approved to reach national standards. The series of product also passed national science and technology commission technical achievements appraisal organized by SHANDONG PROVINCE DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY with their conclusion: they are the only products in the same trade in CHINA that achieves domestic leading level in general index and achieves international advanced level in such aspects as productivity,noise control,environmental production,etc. In them HZS180 concrete mixing plant was chosen as one of NATIONAL KEY NEW PRODUCTS in 2005.

[HZS/HLS series of commodity concrete mixing plant/towers main technical parameters]


hProduction in theory

60 90 120 180 240
Mixing engine JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000 JS4000
Measuring scope and precision Stone(kg) 20002% 25002% 30002% 40002% 50002%
Cobble(kg) 20002% 25002% 30002% 40002% 50002%
Cement(kg) 6001% 9001% 12001% 18001% 24001%
Mingled materials(kg) 3001% 5001% 6001% 9001% 12001%
Water(kg) 3001% 4001% 5001% 8001% 10001%
Additives(kg) 301% 301% 501% 801% 1001%
Distributing plant/container Container quantity,container capacity,and installed form of distributing plant and mixing towers varying with customers demands
Powder tank system Powder tank volume and quantity,and configuration of powder tank accessories varying with customersdemands.
General power(kw) 80 105 125 175 220
Discharging height(m) 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8

HZS series of modular road concrete mixing plant main technical parameters]
Model HZS40 HZS50 HZS75 HZS100 HZS150 HZS200
Production in theorym
40 50 75 100 150 200
Mixing engine JS750 JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000 JS4000
Measuring scope and precision Aggregatekg 20002% 25002% 35002% 45002% 65002% 90002%
Cementkg 6001% 8001% 9001% 12001% 18001% 24001%
Mingled materialskg 6001% 8001% 5001% 6001% 9001% 12001%
Waterkg 2001% 3001% 4001% 5001% 8001% 10001%
Additiveskg 201% 301% 301% 501% 801% 1001%
Distributing plant PL1200 PL1600 PL2400 PL3200 PL4800 PL6400
Powder tank system Powder tank volume and quantity,and configuration of powder tank accessories varying with customersdemands.
General powerkw 65 80 105 125 175 220
Discharging heightm 2.83.8 2.83.8 2.83.8 2.83.8 2.83.8 2.83.8

Pictures :

Optimize and design draw ratio of mixing barrel body and inverted structure to ensure strength and rigidity. Four spindle bearing points and sealing points adopt digital control borer to ensure reliability. Imported brand lubricating system adds oil automatically to four spindle sealing points to ensure spindle end seal. Each lubricating point adds oil timingly by manual shifting three-way valves handle. Adopt imported brand rectagular planetary speed reducer special for concrete mixing, which has such advantages as smooth transmission, handsome and compact structure,over-loading protection,etc.
Discharging door adopts top brand hydraulic unit to drive and has adjustable opening. Its equipped with manual pump.

Water and additives measuring and putting-in.

Water and additives are separately pumped into storage tank inside the tower and imported pneumatic butterfly valve is adopted to control with speedy movement and accurate measuring. After measuring, inject them through high-pressure pump and clean totally. Additive measuring barrel is made of stainless steel.
Main tower dust-removal
Belt conveyor environmental protection
All powder materials must be in total closed state during transport,measuring, and putting-in. In main tower are set imported dust-exhauster and wind blower to use negative pressure to absorb dust produced in aggregate collecting case,main engine,and powder material measuring bucket,etc. Slanting belt conveyor is equipped with outer package and charge chute,while main tower is totally closed to reducer pollution from dust and noise and powder tank is equipped with imported dust-remover.
Low-position container High-position container
Various quantities and volumes of distributing plant/containers can be equipped according to various demands. Below are aggregate measuring bucket and output belt conveyor. Loader or belt conveyor are used to supply materials. Distributing plant/containers can be designed into ground container,low-position container,high-position container or inner container of mixing tower. Sand container is equipped with imported vibrator and water ration measuring meter can be selected and installed.
Transportation measures Available as needed 19 C-belt, 24 C word profile belt, a belt or dip Ribs on the struggle to upgrade materials; Ring belt from the professional manufacturers do not vulcanized joints, making pre-tensioning; using mallets automatic tensioning; Self-cleaning device configuration. Powder transportation needs can be configured according to different volume and quantity of powder cans, the allocation of import of flour and cans Annex spiral conveyor, Powder guarantee the smooth transportation; From powder cans to the main building can be used for gas distribution or pink cans directly overhead to send gas measurement; Powder Metering struggle can configure 1 -4; Measuring imports bucket equipped with pneumatic vibrator and disc valve, seal tightly and dump do, Express.
Hangzhou Warwick 240 Langfang Rongcheng 120 Mixing Main Module
Assembled stirring Main Tianjin O-chuan 120 Yantai Yellow Sea 60
Boring mainframe processing    

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